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  • January 14 Meeting Summary

    January 14 Meeting Group Shot

    The January 14th meeting of the Michigan Wellness Council featured a presentation on integrative approach to employee and organizational wellness by Maureen Anderson, MD, Medical Director of Beaumont Integrative Medicine and Lucy Sternburgh, PhD, Manager, Employee & Community Health Promotion at Beaumont Health Systems.

    For the meeting slides, follow this link

  • Apply Now: Governor’s Council Outstanding Healthy Workplace Awards

     On April 23, the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports will present its annual awards at two wonderful events–one in the morning at the state capitol with legislators looking on and an evening event at Ford Field. If you feel that your organization’s work in this arena is worthy of recognition in the Healthy Workplace category, apply by visiting the Michigan Fitness Foundation website at (deadline January 30). For more information or questions contact Mike Maisner at, telephone 517-908-3820.

    In addition to the Healthy Workplace category, awards will be presented to individuals and organizations that encourage healthy living.  Listed below is a brief summary for your consideration.  If you are aware of great work in your community that encourages people to make better choices about their health.  Please think about who rises to this challenge and consider their nomination.

    The deadline to apply is January 23, 2015 with the exception of Healthy Workplace Awards which has a January 30, 2015 deadline.

    List of awards:

    Governor’s Council Outstanding Healthy Workplace Awards:  Organizations that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to health of their employees by establishing creative worksite health promotion programs with demonstrated success.

    Governor’s Council Extraordinary Event Award:  Honors events or organization that provide physical fitness opportunities for the public at large in an exceptional way.

    Governor’s Council Champion for Health Award:  Honors an individual for his/her work promoting healthy lifestyles at the grass roots level.

    Charles T. Kuntzleman Accepting the Challenge Award:  Recognizes individuals who have overcome great challenges to pursue physical activity as part of their daily life.

    Governor’s Council Conquering Obesity Award:  Honors an individual or group that has conquered obesity through dedication to physical activity and healthy eating.

    Governor’s Council Veteran of the Year Award:   Honors a veteran who has gone “above and beyond” to promote healthy living either through personal or professional endeavors.

    Governor’s Council Inspiring Story of the Year Award:  Honors an inspiring story of an individual or team overcoming adversity.