Cassie Sobelton
  • Cassie Sobelton

    Cassie Sobelton is the CEO, Synbella. Cassie’s journey to overall wellness has allowed her to become an expert in both Eastern and Western health philosophies.   She is a Certified Nutritionist and Chef, an NLP Practitioner and a Registered Yoga Teacher, just to name a few. She connects with CEOs and upper management because she understands what they need to implement a successful health program for their companies.  Employees relate to her because she has an authentic voice, finding common ground in personal health struggles and living a balanced life in the fast-paced nature of today’s world. She has participated in extensive training programs, such as the University of Michigan Leadership in Operations program and the Detroit Medical Center Leadership Academy; she has received degrees or certificates in the following disciplines: Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition; Registered Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance; Laughter Yoga Instructor; NLP Practitioner; the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) Trainer Program; and Raw Food Teacher, Nutritionist and Chef. She recently launched her first book, Back to Balance, which was #1 on Amazon in its first week! Cassie Sobelton lives a balanced spiritual life filled with friends, family, exercise, biking, practicing Eastern philosophies, and daily gratitude.

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