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  • Letter from Rita Patel, Executive Director

    For the past four and half years, I have had the privilege of being in the role of Executive Director for the Michigan Wellness Council. I came on as the first person in that role and have had the opportunity to work with the Board of Directors to grow the organization by expanding its reach and increasing the resources we offer including membership, conferences, training, online resources, webinars and a podcast. I deeply care about the vision and mission of Michigan Wellness Council and have been heartened over the years by the positive feedback we continually receive on our efforts and on the quality of the educational content and community we have built. I have loved being part of increasing the collective knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of people in the state of Michigan through the workplace. One of the best opportunities I have had in this role is meeting people and building a range of relationships throughout the state and nationally. My hope is that these relationships continue to grow and support the Michigan Wellness Council in the future. 

    I will be stepping out of the Executive Director role to focus fully on the culture change through narrative integration work I have been doing with organizations and my art. Both come from my deep passions and are geared towards enhancing quality of life through connection and creativity. My role will be different, but I will continue to be active in the wellbeing community in this capacity. My last day will be after the Spring Conference on May 16th and I will help with the transition until then.

    I am fortunate for having had this opportunity. I have always said that the people in our community are caring and positive and really have the heart and will to create a better place and life for others. Thank you for being such a wonderful community to interact and work with – I am truly grateful. As I move on, I look forward to staying connected to all of you in our shared goals and I hope all of you continue to be engaged in the Michigan Wellness Council as a source of support in your endeavors.

    The Board of Directors has created a committee to search for the new Executive Director. If you are interested in the position, or know someone who might be a good fit, please email and view the posting for the position.

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