• March 21 Meeting Resource

    On March 21, 2018, a meeting featuring featuring the presentations by MWC board members Mary Kline (Owner, OnSite Wellness), Mary Jo LeFevre (Vice President, Client Executive, Hylant Group) and Mary Marzec PhD (Senior Researcher and Analyst, RedBrick Health) followed by a panel discussion addressing the topic Debunking the ‘Corporate Wellness is a Fad’ Myth”. More companies than ever are investing in corporate wellness programs, yet, each spent penny is scrutinized and debated.  Whether it’s resistance to gaining executive buy-in or feeling pressure to quickly prove return-on-investment, corporate wellness leaders must overcome severe obstacles while promoting health and engaging employees.  Analysts and executives continue to ask: “Is Corporate Wellness just a fad?” and the discussion and interview below provide perspective of why the question is being asked and the most effective ways of proving that wellness is a critical piece to their organization’s culture.

    As follow up to the meeting:

    • Podcast Interview with Bryce Rausch In this interview, talks about his methodology and the results from interviewing 20 industry leaders:
      • Learn what 20 industry leaders believe are the most over-and-under-rated programs within any wellness strategy
      • Differentiate between strategies which industry leaders feel feeds and those which debunk the “wellness fad myth”
      • Identify the top characteristics of wellness programs which are most successful
      • More resources at Fitbit Health Resource Center
      • Accompanying slides: Is Wellness a Fad?
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