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    The September 14, 2016 meeting of the Michigan Wellness Council featured the presentation Culture is Key to Engagement: How to build a sustainable wellness culture delivering on results and understanding trends by Tracey Watt, Midwest Strategy Director, Cigna and interactive discussion with Tasha Keys, HR Benefit Specialist, Meadowbrook Insurance Group. The presentation focused on how to work with leadership and associates that lead to better outcomes by sharing industry trends and two case studies:

    The foundation of a workplace wellness program is to encourage employees and their families to adopt and practice healthy lifestyles to improve their physical and mental well-being. However, in this ever changing healthcare environment how do organizations build a tailored program which will be sustainable in their company culture? The purpose of this presentation was to discover creative ways to engage your workforce, meet the needs of your organization by building a company culture and understanding the evolution of technology. Whether you’re just getting started, seeking to improve, or looking to expand your existing program, discover engaging solutions that target the issues that matter most to you and your employees.

    In addition to the slides, here is a link to stay up to date on health care reform regulations affecting worksite wellness programs Inform on Reform.

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