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Our mission is to be the trusted resource and connector for workplace wellness collaboration.

In this podcast series, we interview people in the field to offer different perspectives and insights.

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WellBites Interview: Wendy Lynch PhD, Author & Founder Of Lynch Consulting

Book & Blog: Get To What Matters

Lynch Consulting

The Heart of Human Capital Blog

WellBites Interview: Brett Powell, Vice President, Wellness Consultant At AIPM

WellBites Interview: Dee Edington, Founder And Chairman Of Edington Associates, LLC

Links to topics mentioned in podcast episode:

1. Website

2. Five articles

3. Books Zero Trends and Shared Values – Shared Results: Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy

4. A few of the questions discussed on moving the field of workplace wellbeing forward:

  • “How does wellness work?”
  • “What is it that we have not answered?”
  • “What is health?”
  • “How do we address the need for new knowledge?”
WellBites Interview: Bryce Rausch, Fitbit Group Health Enterprise Business Development Manager

Slides: “Is Wellness a Fad?”

WellBites Interview: Susan Bailey, Director Of Total Health & Wellbeing

WellBites Interview: Tom Spring, Director Wellness & Community Programs At Health Alliance Plan

WellBites Interview: Cassie Sobelton – CEO Of Synbella, Author And Health & Wellness Expert

WellBites Interview: Carrie Chanter – Public Health Consultant At MI Department Of Health & Human Services